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The Heart of Gender Justice in New Mexico

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From the summer of 2016 to the beginning of 2017, NMW.O collaborated with a multi-disciplinary research team of social policy scholars of color from the University of New Mexico on a research and community engagement project with the aim of deepening our knowledge about how to most effectively advance gender equity work in New Mexico. The goal was to identify priorities at the intersection of health equity and economic security for women and girls in New Mexico and inform NMW.O’s strategy for advancing gender equity. The project resulted in a two-part report, The Heart of Gender Justice in New Mexico: Intersectionality, Economic Security, and Health Equity (see below to download). The sister reports include a qualitative report from community dialogues, as well as a quantitative report from an analysis on the link between economic security and women’s health status by race and ethnicity.

Based upon these findings, NMW.O has adopted a Gender Justice and Healing focused strategy. NMW.O defines gender justice as a commitment to end patriarchy and create a world free from misogyny. We believe real gender justice cannot be achieved without social, economic, and environmental justice. A gender justice framework encompasses various social, economic, and environmental justice issues, with a specific and explicit gender lens. Gender justice allows our feminism to be more inclusive of lived experiences of race, class, immigration, and gender. Further, a gender justice analysis also acknowledges that men and gender non-conforming individuals are constrained by patriarchal gender roles and norms.

Furthermore, because communities across the state emphasized healing as both a powerful restorative process and outcome unto itself, NMW.O will prioritize healing. NMW.O defines healing as the process of restoring health from an unbalanced or unhealthy state. NMW.O heard from communities that real gender justice cannot be achieved without deeper healing, and healing cannot occur without real and lasting justice.


>> The Heart of Gender Justice in New Mexico - Executive Summary
(PDF 9.1 MB)

>> NMW.O Heart of Gender Justice - Executive Summary (Spanish)
(PDF 1.1 MB)

>> The Heart of Gender Justice Part 1
(PDF 2.2MB)

>> The Heart of Gender Justice Part 2
(PDF 1.8MB)

>> Data Analysis Tables
(PDF 492KB)

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