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Donor Education

As a statewide women’s fund, a key part of our mission is to educate donors about the most pressing issues around gender equity and why investing in women and girls is a highly effective social change strategy. To that end, NewMexicoWomen.Org works to ensure that more philanthropic funds are directed towards women, girls, and gender justice issues. Research has demonstrated time and again that when women thrive, whole communities thrive.

Anti-Oppression and Implicit Bias

The need to educate funders on the social and structural determinants of health and economic equity was a key finding from our recent research (insert link to report download page). Participants from the study suggested that funders, foundations, and their boards engage in anti-oppression and implicit bias trainings to fully understand the dynamics of historic and present day patriarchy, structural racism, and classism. Further, community members described how these types of trainings are also critical for community partners and their staff to, “Learn how to advocate for ourselves in a system not built by and for us.”

Based on what we learned from communities, NewMexicoWomen.Org will work with existing skilled and experienced race, gender, and class conscious facilitators and trainers in the community to support and provide anti-oppression, implicit bias, and gender trainings for funders, boards, and community organizations.

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