Capacity Building

Fundraising Support

Many of our grantee partners do critical work in rural, low income communities, and communities of color with organizational budgets under $100,000. As a funder and program, we are committed to longer term structural change and investing in the capacity of organizations to remain stable and sustainable beyond our funding. Further, as NMW.O actively fundraises our own budget, we are acutely aware of the myriad challenges this presents for smaller organizations located in rural, low income communities, and communities of color. Through our fundraising capacity building, NMW.O is committed to investing in and supporting the ecosystem of financial resiliency for organizations serving women and girls across New Mexico.

NewMexicoWomen.Org (NMW.O) seeks to provide fundraising capacity building support to partners from around the state. This includes supporting organizations to attend fundraising trainings such as the 2016 Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training (GIFT) conference, Money for our Movements: A Social Justice Fundraising Conference. Partnering with organizations, such as GIFT, that approach fundraising with a social justice lens brings an invaluable analysis, tools, and skill set to our partner organizations and communities in New Mexico.


Healing and Self-Care Program

One of the key findings from our recent research and community engagement project (insert link to report download page), was that longer-term healing is an underlying need and factor linked to issues impacting communities such as substance abuse, gender-based violence, and mental health. Participants across the state mentioned healing as a core element of healthy and economically secure communities. Typically, it was discussed in relation to the ongoing legacies of colonization and structural racism. For example, we heard from a community partner how, “We have got to focus on just the healing. To us, then that became resistance. And that was decolonizing. That’s a different way of thinking, changing the way that we think which changes people. Healing in that way, so that we can resist.

Various types and spaces of healing were mentioned, including healing gardens, healing through land and traditional medicines, and healing through ceremonies, rites of passage, and rituals specific to each community’s cultural and spiritual traditions. The need for women and women of color centered spaces of healing was a common theme across the state. In response to some of the key findings from this research, NMW.O has shifted our strategic focus to gender justice and healing and has launched our Healing and Self-Care Program.

Our Healing and Self-Care Program aims to improve the health and well-being of women, girls, and communities in New Mexico by supporting leaders and practitioners working on gender justice issues statewide. Our goal is to invest in relevant healing and self-care practices needed by community partners from low income and rural communities and communities of color. This investment will enable our community partners to not only continue their work longer term, but to also alleviate stress and potential burnout.

The program is aimed to address both immediate and longer-term self-care and healing needs of community leaders from across the state. We know that our collective work for social change is a long-term commitment. Our program aims to both honor community leaders and help build a sustainable and resilient movement. We cannot achieve true gender justice without deeper healing, and we cannot heal without real and lasting justice.

We believe this program will help communities with ongoing self-care and healing to continue the movement for justice.

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