The Heart of Gender Justice

Gender Justice and Healing Strategy

Throughout 2016, NewMexicoWomen.Org (NMW.O) collaborated with a multi-disciplinary research team of social policy scholars of color from the University of New Mexico on a research and community engagement project with the aim of deepening our knowledge about how to most effectively advance gender equity work in New Mexico. The project resulted in a two-part report, The Heart of Gender Justice in New Mexico: Intersectionality, Economic Security, and Health Equity. Through this process, communities emphasized that root causes such as historical trauma and colonization, patriarchy, structural racism, and our current economic model have a significant bearing upon the health, economic opportunities, and well-being of women and communities in New Mexico. These root causes lie at the heart of gender justice in New Mexico.

Based upon these findings, NMW.O decided to prioritize gender justice and healing in all of our programmatic work, including our grantmaking. NMW.O defines gender justice as a commitment to end patriarchy and to create a world free from misogyny. We believe that real gender justice cannot be achieved without social, economic, and environmental justice. A gender justice framework encompasses various social, economic, and environmental justice issues with a specific and explicit gender lens. Gender justice allows our feminism to be more inclusive of lived experiences of race, class, immigration, and gender. Further, a gender justice analysis also acknowledges that men and gender non-conforming individuals are constrained by patriarchal gender roles and norms.

NMW.O defines healing as the process of restoring health from an unbalanced or unhealthy state. NMW.O will prioritize healing, as communities across the state emphasized it as both a powerful restorative process and outcome unto itself. NMW.O heard from communities that we cannot achieve real gender justice without deeper healing, and we cannot heal without real and lasting justice.

In 2017, NewMexicoWomen.Org awarded $96,000 to 13 organizations across New Mexico in support of their gender justice and healing work. NMW.O received over $600,000 in funding requests from communities across the state, which is a testament to just how great the needs are in New Mexico. In a time when national and local leaders are actively defunding many of the social service programs that benefit women and communities most impacted by structural inequities, NMW.O continues to be committed to supporting critical social change work. Visit our Grantee Partners page to see the full list of grantees.



A core strategic goal of NMW.O is to help serve as a hub, a voice, and a statewide educational resource around pressing issues that impact women and girls. Check out our list of Resources!
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