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NewMexicoWomen.Org (NMW.O) is the only program and fund of its kind in New Mexico that works to advance opportunities for women and girls statewide so they can lead self-sufficient, healthy, and empowered lives.

Our Work


Learn more about how NMW.O and our partners advance gender justice in New Mexico through our grantmaking, capacity building programs, research projects, and advocacy and education work.

Recent News


Check out recent news about our work and that of our partners across New Mexico. Stay up to date on statewide efforts for gender justice and equity in New Mexico.


Did You Know?

Greetings Friends, We hope you are enjoying your winter holidays! This year, as part of NewMexicoWomen.Org's educate strategy, we launched our Did You Know? campaign. We wanted to share facts and data that would help strengthen the movement for gender justice and...

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NewMexicoWomen.Org is Hiring!

Position title: Operations and Administrative Coordinator Reports to: Executive Director Location: Santa Fe, NM Exempt/non-exempt status: Non-Exempt, 20-hour per week Summary The Operations and Administrative Coordinator is responsible for general support and...

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Gender Justice & Healing

NewMexicoWomen.Org’s current focus is Gender Justice & Healing. Gender Justice is a commitment to end patriarchy and create a world free from misogyny. We believe real gender justice cannot be achieved without reproductive, social, economic, and environmental justice. A gender justice framework is intersectional. It encompasses various social, economic, and environmental justice issues, with a specific and explicit gender and reproductive lens. It allows our feminism to be more inclusive of lived experiences of race, class, immigration, and gender. Further, a gender justice analysis also acknowledges that men and gender non-conforming individuals are constrained by patriarchal gender roles and norms. Healing is the process of restoring health from an unbalanced or unhealthy state. Real gender justice cannot be achieved without deeper healing, and healing cannot occur without real and lasting justice.

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