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NewMexicoWomen.Org (NMW.O) is the only fund of its kind in New Mexico that works to advance opportunities for women and girls statewide so they can lead self-sufficient, healthy, and empowered lives.

NMW.O pursues its mission via a 3-pronged strategy to:

EDUCATE Through research and communications, NMW.O brings public attention to the issues affecting women and girls with an eye towards influencing policy and philanthropy.

LEAD NMW.O facilitates alliances among nonprofits, funders, and other sectors in order to concentrate resources and foster collaboration.

INVEST NMW.O leverages philanthropic investments in programs serving women and girls of color and those in rural, low income communities statewide through our donor education and strategic grant-making efforts.


A core strategic goal of NMW.O is to help serve as a hub, a voice, and a statewide educational resource around pressing issues that impact women and girls. Check out our list of Resources!
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“I imagine a New Mexico where women take up more space -- where women are professors, farmers, doctors, storytellers, policy makers, artists, leaders and where we get paid equally for our work. I dream of a New Mexico where girls and women don't just have choices, but where we are the architects of our own opportunities. Women hold the blueprints for structures yet unimagined, and we are the future of New Mexico.”

- Dr. Patricia Trujillo

Our Strategic Goals

STRENGTHEN the gender equity movement through partnering with, supporting, training, and collaborating with organizations led by or serving women and girls of color and women and girls in rural, low income communities across New Mexico;

SERVE as a voice and hub for gender equity in New Mexico by using our role as a statewide program and fund to increase the profiles and support the efforts of those working at the grassroots level on gender justice and equity; and

INCREASE philanthropic investment in organizations and groups working on gender equity for women and girls of color and those in rural and low income communities across the state of New Mexico.


NMW.O evolved out of Women Building Community, a program New Mexico Community Foundation initiated in 2007 in partnership with the national foundation Groundswell. The program aimed to support reproductive justice efforts statewide with a mandate to increase collaboration and shared resources among statewide, grassroots, majority women-of- color-led nonprofits.

In 2012, as Women Building Community wound down, it gave rise to a new fund for women and girls: NewMexicoWomen.Org. The decision to establish NMW.O came after research showed there was no single significant statewide fund focused on identifying, highlighting, and advocating for the needs of women and girls throughout the state of New Mexico.

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