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Beginning in 2014 NewMexicoWomen.Org (NMW.O) launched its Take a Stand campaign, which seeks to raise one dollar (insert donate page link) for each of the 1.04 million women and girls in New Mexico. The campaign has succeeded in directing more philanthropic dollars toward gender justice issues in New Mexico. Through a creative social media strategy, it has also helped to increase awareness about the most pressing issues facing women and girls in our state.

We celebrate the 1.04 million resilient, strong, and culturally diverse women and girls in our state. Together, we stand against the gender inequities women and girls face each day. Whether you invest one dollar or ten thousand dollars, you are Taking a Stand to support and improve the lives of women and girls in our state. For generations, women in New Mexico have served as leaders and role models in their communities. But when women struggle, so do the many people who depend upon them. When women thrive, we all thrive!


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